About Us


Our designs embody the balance between humanity and nature. Our planet generously offers us abundant natural beauty and sustenance. Our mission is to positively impact the environment through commerce. Every product sold removes 1 pound of trash from rivers, canals, and oceans.



In the 2010s, like many young travelers exploring the world, brothers Eric and Ryan Dedola were fascinated by the diversity of cultures, art, and natural beauty that make up our planet. As they trekked around the globe, they met artisans in Guatemala, Bali, and Turks and Caicos. They soon began working with them to promote their crafts. While repping artisan-made products, they met the team at TerraCycle Inc and collaborated on a project together. The TerraCycle team made the brothers aware that tons of waste are dumped into rivers, oceans, and landfills daily. Eric and Ryan felt the gravity of this global issue and knew they needed to be a part of the solution. Virtu Made's mission was born -- to make commerce a driving force that positively affects the environment.

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